It's Comic Book Day #5: Michael Kaluta

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StarStruck #1

Today's episode reveals the early background of Michael W. Kaluta, a world-renowned illustrator who was born in Guatemala to American parents, and tells an unexpected-but-fascinating and little-known story, er, history, about World War II. Michael also talks about his own history, including some of his best-known works, Starstruck and The Shadow.

About Michael W. Kaluta:
Michael W. Kaluta ( is a world-renowned painter and illustrator, best known for his elaborate, decorative panel designs. Michael was also one of the four comic book artists/fine illustrators/painters who formed the famous, or infamous, depending on who you ask, artists' commune "The Studio" in Manhattan's Chelsea District from 1975 to 1979, alongside Barry Windsor-Smith, Jeff Jones and Bernie Wrightson. While famous for his work on Starstruck and The Shadow, his long career with DC Comics, Marvel Comics and Byron Preiss projects has kept his name and intricate, gorgeous artwork in the limelight.

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