Marvel Rebooting Spider-Man Again

The Amazing Spider-Man

Just in time for the theatrical release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Marvel is rebooting the Spidey universe on the printed page.

Review: Dead Body Road #1


Justin Jordan and Matteo Scalera give us a cool twist on a familiar concept.

Bob Layton: Definitive Iron Man Artist

Iron Man artist Bob Layton

Another Slice of SciFi Exclusive Interview with Bob Layton, Legendary Comic Book Artist with a remarkable history and life experiences that include Iron Man, X-Men, The Champions and many more for DC Comics, Marvel and Valiant.

"Firefly" Gets Second Season (In Comic Books)

Dark Horse

It's taken over a decade but Browncoats will finally get their wish in January when the second season of Firefly debuts.

It won't be on TV.  Instead it will be on the pages of Dark Horse Comics.

Superman Through The Years


Check out this short highlighting 75 years of the Man of Steel!

The Dark Knight Returns Deluxe Edition is Out!


This seamless combination of the heralded two-part "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns" is accompanied on the Blu-ray Combo Pack by several new bonus features, including a 70-minute Frank Miller retrospective, an all-new filmmaker commentary, four exclusive collector cards with never-before-seen artwork, and all of the extra content originally found on the original Part 1 & 2 releases.

Review: The Star Wars #2


The second issue of the much hyped series, The Star Wars hit the shelves of your local comics retailer recently. Continuing the story of George Lucas's first draft script for his 1977 blockbuster, the second issue of the Dark Horse series ups the ante. The Death Star has arrived and starts laying waste to General Skywalker's forces.

Review: The Star Wars #1


What if, instead of the beloved film that made it to the screen, we got the Star Wars that Lucas originally envisioned?

Dark Horse's The Star Wars shows us what could have been.

Review: Indestructible Hulk #12


The Hulk is smashing through the ages, making his first stop in the Wild West.

ElfQuest: Meet Wendy & Richard Pini


Slice's Exclusive Interview with ElfQuest creators Wendy and Richard Pini hosted by George Chase at Hypno Comics. For 35 years ElfQuest has entertained us, expanded our minds, and dazzled our eyes with brilliant, compelling artwork. Still recovering from Comic-Con, Wendy, Richard and George take time to reflect on ElfQuest's origins, the long story told, the business deals with publishers, breaking into the biz today, and Wendy has a brand new series to tell you about... and it's headed for Broadway! Living under a rock and not familiar with ElfQuest? Visit to come up to speed!