The Super-Duper-Special-Secret Origin of Champion When bullies bully, the pure of heart and stout of body will rise up and fight the fight that needs to be...fighted...or something or other.

The Super-Duper-Special-Secret Origin of Champion

Michael tries to balance his career as a superhero with his developing relationship with Dani. Unfortunately, it seems that crimes always seem to need busting when he already has plans to be with her. Catching armed bank robbers turns out to be much easier to deal with than a lonely girlfriend.   [Read more…]

Lugol Vivo ta Minions! Da oudmet ta wyedis de tus prima ore, Titan Comics hego eauhoe ta ask de ta Minions’ mupa mio cig tau.

Lugol Vivo ta Minions!

Physically, they resemble three-foot-tall yellow capsules with arms and legs, wearing overalls, goggles and gloves. Their devotion to their leader, Gru, seems only to be exceeded by their passion for bananas. And their unique language is a combination of various words from languages of the world, spiked with a bit of complete gibberish, poured into a blender, and set on frappé.   [Read more…]

One Hell of a Factory Recall In what must be the most embarrassingly revealing screw-up in comic book history, Hank Pym created an artificial intelligence based on his own brain...and it turned out to be a genocidal maniac.

One Hell of a Factory Recall

Fans of the film Avengers: Age of Ultron know the android Ultron as the creation of Tony Stark, who has a few screws loose. But Tony Stark is the picture of serenity and sanity when compared to the wife-beating, multiple personality disorder, self-loathing basket case of Hank Pym. Originally, it looked like a talking surf-board with wheels. But Hank’s invention had broken loose from the lab, brain-washed Hank into forgetting it existed, and had begun replicating itself.   [Read more…]

Marvel Girls Kick Ass Comics continue to play catch-up in incorporating female empowerment and equality in their stories as Marvel's own Amazon warriors defend the paradise island of Arcadia.

The women of the Marvel Universe by Alan Davis

Marvel has chosen to introduce the all-female Avengers team in the most unlikely of places…Battle World. A-Force number one introduces the “paradise island” of Arcadia where an all-female superhero police force keeps watch and defends the island and its inhabitants.   [Read more…]

It’s FREE Comic Book Day Interview with Joe Field at Flying Colors It's Comic Book Day was fortunate enough to get to speak with Joe Field about the event that he started known as Free Comic Book Day.

A male hand

It’s the only form of entertainment that is working your brain on both sides at the same time. Because you, as the reader, are essentially the director of the story. You change the pace of how fast things go between panel to panel. You put the character voices in your head. You interpret the artist’s artwork, for the expressions and for the movement. There’s a whole lot of interpretive stuff that goes along with the cognitive things in reading the words from panel to panel. So in that way, comics are an incredibly powerful form of education, one that really ignites the imagination and the love of reading for so many people.   [Read more…]

Anywhere and Everywhere – HANG ON! The new Silver Surfer series brings the feel of the classic BBC science fiction series to Marvel's legendary cosmic character

Anywhere and Everywhere -- HANG ON!

The Silver Surfer has a new series, and for the first time, a full-time traveling companion. While the stories are confined to the current time period, they do match the Doctor’s zany trips from one end of the universe to the other and back again.   [Read more…]

Everything That Rises Must Converge DC Comics is bringing us a major event that brings together characters from across time and space throughout their history. But the plot feels very familiar...

Everything That Rises Must Converge

We’re left with a sense that Superman has been having a conversation with smoke…that he won’t even remember. Zero issues are usually intended to give the reader a taste for the overall series before it unfolds. But hollow and pointless is not very appetizing.   [Read more…]