Cincinnati Comic Expo 2012: In Space, No One Can Hear You… Create!


Join fellow Kubert School alumni Dave Dorman — famed cover artist for a multitude of STAR WARS comics, magazines, and books as well as ALIENS, DEADWORLD, etc. and Stephen R. Bissette — best known for his work on SWAMP THING, TABOO, TYRANT, etc., for a free-wheeling conversation about science-fiction comics, movies, and literature, and their own collaboration on the Stoker Award-winning novella ALIENS: TRIBES and the proposed sequel ALIENS: KICK THE CAN.

It’s Comic Book Day #5: Michael Kaluta


Today’s episode reveals the early background of Michael W. Kaluta, a world-renowned illustrator who was born in Guatemala to American parents, and tells an unexpected-but-fascinating and little-known story, er, history, about World War II. Michael also talks about his own history, including some of his best-known works, Starstruck and The Shadow.

It’s Comic Book Day #2: Scott Hampton, Part 2


In this episode, comic book artist Scott Hampton discusses the state of today’s comic book industry and Comix Academy, the new teaching program he co-founded with Dave Dorman, Durwin Talon, Christopher Moeller and John van Fleet.

It’s Comic Book Day #1: Scott Hampton, Part 1


Comic book artist Scott Hampton is a world-renowned illustrator and storyteller who first studied directly under Will Eisner, alongside his brother, comic book artist Bo Hampton, when Scott was just barely out of high school.

It’s Comic Book Day #0: Charlie Athanas


Controversial artist Charlie Athanas turned the comic book world upside-down during his run as artist for the world’s very first Digital Comic Book, “Shatter,” published by the now-defunct First Comics. Since then, he has worked in videogames (John Madden 2, Shadow President, Cyber Judas), formed The Devil’s Candy Store to support artists in finding work and recognition, and is very involved in critically acclaimed Chicago horror theater, WildClaw Theatre.