Review: The Star Wars #2


The second issue of the much hyped series, The Star Wars hit the shelves of your local comics retailer recently. Continuing the story of George Lucas’s first draft script for his 1977 blockbuster, the second issue of the Dark Horse series ups the ante. The Death Star has arrived and starts laying waste to General Skywalker’s forces.   [Read more…]

ElfQuest: Meet Wendy & Richard Pini


Slice’s Exclusive Interview with ElfQuest creators Wendy and Richard Pini hosted by George Chase at Hypno Comics. For 35 years ElfQuest has entertained us, expanded our minds, and dazzled our eyes with brilliant, compelling artwork. Still recovering from Comic-Con, Wendy, Richard and George take time to reflect on ElfQuest’s origins, the long story told, the business deals with publishers, breaking into the biz today, and Wendy has a brand new series to tell you about… and it’s headed for Broadway! Living under a rock and not familiar with ElfQuest? Visit to come up to speed!   [Read more…]

The Ides of Meh


March brings us more things I love, and our first Meh review. Actually, it’s a healthy helping of Meh (hey, they can’t all be winners, can they?). But we review and share anyway, because just because it didn’t work for me does not mean it won’t work for you. So, let’s roll.   [Read more…]

Love and Other Philosophies

The Rabbi's Cat

Last month was all about things I loved. And even though February is “the month of love” (or so we’re told), this month’s set of reviews isn’t all hearts and flowers. Oh, there are raves in here, to be sure, but there are also some raspberries coming, and not the kind that taste great with chocolate.   [Read more…]