Superman Through The Years


Check out this short highlighting 75 years of the Man of Steel!

The Dark Knight Returns Deluxe Edition is Out!


This seamless combination of the heralded two-part "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns" is accompanied on the Blu-ray Combo Pack by several new bonus features, including a 70-minute Frank Miller retrospective, an all-new filmmaker commentary, four exclusive collector cards with never-before-seen artwork, and all of the extra content originally found on the original Part 1 & 2 releases.

Review: Superman Unchained #1


Scott Snyder and Jim Lee keep the Superman hype train rolling with the beginning to this long awaited series.

Man of Steel or Man of Gold?

superman-infographic preview

According to Ookla the Mok, "Superman never made any money"... well check out this infographic chronicling the financial success of Superman.

WonderCon Fans Can Be Part of New DC Villains Documentary


Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and DC Entertainment today announced the start of production on the all-new documentary, "Necessary Evil: Villains of DC Comics" -- and DC fans at WonderCon can be a part of it!

Superman Loses Artist Over Card


The prolific author's outspoken views against same-sex marriage and gay rights has caused DC comics to receive significant backlash.

The Ides of Meh


March brings us more things I love, and our first Meh review. Actually, it’s a healthy helping of Meh (hey, they can’t all be winners, can they?). But we review and share anyway, because just because it didn’t work for me does not mean it won’t work for you. So, let’s roll.

Which DC Character Dies This Week?


Last week, we heard rumors that DC was considering killing off a character in an upcoming issue. Today, we have confirmation that a death will occur and that it will happen in an issue hitting stands this Wednesday.

Remembering Captain America's Creator


Joe Simon, who created Captain America together with Jack Kirby, will be celebrated on Friday, October 12th from 5:15pm - 6:15pm, at New York Comic Con, which runs from October 11th thru October 14th.

Rob Liefeld Leaves DC


Liefeld turned in his resignation from the comic book company yesterday.  He posted the news on Twitter, saying that he "Officially got off the DC52 treadmill this morning..." in order to "preserve my own sanity."