It’s Comic Book Day Interview with Nick Abadzis The amazing writer, Nick Abadzis, very generously took some time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions for us

Nick Abadzis

“There are adventures pocketed inside moments in other adventures – the life of this wandering Time Lord is truly labyrinthine. He could literally have a century of life or more left in this incarnation between The Waters of Mars and The End of Time, but that would be ‘soon’ to him. It’s all wide open, all relative.”

It’s Comic Book Day #3: Steve Smith, Part 1


In this episode, Dave and Denise talk with writer and editor Steve Smith, founder, co-publisher and editor of Monsterscene magazine, a horror movie quarterly published between 1992-1998. Issue #7 features cover art by Dave for that Ray Harryhausen Tribute issue.

It’s Comic Book Day #2: Scott Hampton, Part 2


In this episode, comic book artist Scott Hampton discusses the state of today’s comic book industry and Comix Academy, the new teaching program he co-founded with Dave Dorman, Durwin Talon, Christopher Moeller and John van Fleet.

It’s Comic Book Day #1: Scott Hampton, Part 1


Comic book artist Scott Hampton is a world-renowned illustrator and storyteller who first studied directly under Will Eisner, alongside his brother, comic book artist Bo Hampton, when Scott was just barely out of high school.